Virus from chicken farms could wipe out half of the world’s population.

A scientist is warning people that mass chicken farming could lead to another more deadly pandemic than COVID-19.

Dr Michael Gregor is warning of an apocalyptic virus from chicken farms that could wipe out half of the world’s population. He says that diseases in poultry poses more risk to humanity than coronavirus, the Mirror reports.

Dr Michael Gregor made this prediction in a book he made, titled ‘How To Survive A Pandemic’, saying that we, dependening on eating meat leaves the world even more vulnerable to another pandemic.

 “With pandemics explosively spreading a virus from human to human, it’s never a matter of if, but when,” Gregor said.

The vegan and plant-based diet advocate said that if we want to reduce the risk of another deadly outbreak, then improving the way chickens are farmed, is a neccessity.
He says it’s best to move away from large scale farming as he explained that they are a perfect environment for germs to spread.

“The more animals are jammed together, the more spins the virus may get at the roulette wheel while gambling for the pandemic jackpot that may be hidden in the lining of the chickens’ lungs,” he said.

Dr Michael Gregor wants people to move to small free-range farms. He ideally wants people to stop eating poultry altogether.

“As long as there is poultry, there will be pandemics. In the end, it may be us or them,” he said.