Nokia Foldable Phone Project is Still Alive.

June 2, 2020
Nokia Foldable

A tweet from Nokia Anew shows information that defines the state of nokia mobile, a project with HMD Global has been running for the past four years.

Well according to Nokia Anew sources, the Nokia foldable phone project is still very much alive and in development. Although, this doesn’t mean that we'll start seeing a foldable smartphone with a Nokia logo soon, but it is nice to hear(especially to Nokia fans) that Nokia Mobile still has the financial power to develop such a device. It is hoped that Nokia Anew is referring to a smartphone since Nokia 2720 is also foldable.

At the moment, foldables are reserved for the most powerful smartphone manufacturers(like samsung), and those phones are much expensive and fragile, which makes them usable only for some specific scenarios, for example, to show off. One would normally be scared of keeping a Huawei Mate Xs in their pocket or purse because the screen will probably be dented due to the fact that the protective plastic layer that sits above the foldable display is soft.

Nokia Foldable

The only usable foldable smartphone currently is samsung galaxy Z flip and also the Motorola Razr(which is underpowered & expensive.) If Nokia Mobile can follow the design of these two phones, or design of Nokia Communicator, then the durability of the screen might be improved, but the question is how long the phone would last without any issues with the hinges or dust inside the phone, and also, can Nokia Mobile finance the project at all?

For now, things sound preety good, and most Nokia fans are happy about this. And if the phone ever gets to the mass production stage, the best possible event to see it would be the MWC21, of course, if SARS-CoV-2 allows the event.


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