Bill Gates Explains How We Get Past Covid-19, and What That Really Means

April 29, 2020

"it's going to be a while before we can get back to normal."

The Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Bill Gate, has made fighting infectious disease his life's work. He and His foundation has put in millions of dollars to the combact Covid-19, and he has always talked about the potential risk of a viral pandemic for years now.

He even recently, wrote a book about what we need to learn from this pandemic, and the steps that is needed to be taken in other get past it. Those steps include vaccines, testing, contact tracing, and opening up businesses across the country.

On Friday Morning, April 24, 2020. Bill Gate shared his thought to the world in an interview hosted by Savannah Guthrie on the TodayShow. The interview dwelt on what it will take to stop the spread of the deadly virus, Covid-19. And he mentioned a few things that are very much important for us to know.

It will Take a While to get back to Normal

In the Interview, he mention how much he wishes to say that everything will soon be back to normal, and how it doesn't seem like we are even half-way through the whole situation because of the fact that it takes time to make vaccines we also don't know much about the virus.

With what he said, it is important to note that even if some countries or states have decided to loosen restrictions, we shouldn’t expect to jump right back into our normal lives so fast because of the fact that there are no vaccines yet, and the fact that the chance of a lot more people getting this virus is now high.
But until the vaccines are created the best advice for you and your business is to think through how you can still meet the needs of your customers, employees, team of even the community.


Bill gate also talked about what is currently under development concerning the vaccines. We all know this is an area of main focus for his foundation which is actually funding the facilities to produce as many as seven different vaccines, even though only one out of them will be effective.

"I'm hopeful, in fact, in the last few weeks, I've seen signs we might get to the optimistic side of that projection,"

Even though some experts have said it will take probably 12 to 18 months before there are any vaccines, Bill Gate’s comments seemed to indicate that we may start so see vaccines earlier than that.

Working from Home & Remote Working.

Bill Gate also laid emphasis on how the current move to working remotely may be one of the lasting effects of the way our world has changed. Yes, not every type of work can be done remotely, but for the millions of Americans who may be struggling to adapt to the challenges of working from home, some of what we've learned in the last several weeks may be here to stay.

"Some of the digital approaches that were catching on has been accelerated, Doing these meetings digitally, for a lot of things, really works pretty well."

many companies have started to figure out creative ways to keep their teams engaged and connective while getting work done. In fact, in many ways, reimagining what it means to be productive--and the way we work--could be one of the best outcomes from what can otherwise only be described as an extraordinarily challenging circumstance.


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