Iphone recovered from river after 2 months, and still works

May 6, 2020
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A couple managed to retrieve the smartphone using a homemade fishing net made with a broomstick and a kitchen sieve attached to the end. The fought with the current for about 40 minutes, after which James pushed the phone into the net with the help of a stick.

The couple recovered an iPhone 8 that was lost under water for two months in the River Thames in London. According to the English portal The Sun, which revealed the case, the Brazilian Thayse Bussolo-Vieira, 29, dropped the iphone-8 in early February, while feeding swans in the river. She was shocked to realize that the iPhone still functioned alright after recovering the smartphone that had been in water for a long period of time.

Thayse said she found her phone while walking with James Tongue, her fiance. They managed to retrieve the phone using a broom with a kitchen sieve on the end. To the relief of the couple, the device was still working and they were able to get the pictures they thought they had lost.

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An airline manager told the portal that after dropping her phone in the water, she even considered jumping into the water to try to recover it, but gave up due to the high level of the river. Months later, Thayse was walking with her fiance in Staines, where the incident had occurred, when he spotted the iPhone 8 on the riverbed, two meters below the surface.

James Tongue said that it was only possible to retreive the device because the river waters were calm in the day. “It was there, in the same place, just sitting at the bottom of the river like a rock,” he said.

After drying the phone in a bowl of rice, the couple decided to charge the smartphone. They were surprised to find that more than 20,000 photos from five international trips were still there. It is worth remembering that the recommendation is for users to back up data on a recurring basis to recover cell phone content in case of loss or theft. Thayse, who is from Santa Catarina, said the phone was covered in soil, but without any damage.

owner of iphone8

There is a similar story of Erica Bennett who also dropped her iPhone in the Edisto River while she was out with family back in June 2018. The phone spent 15 months inside the river before it was discovered by a YouTube star who was diving for treasures. Apart from “black erosion” that covered the body, the phone still worked perfectly after plugging it in a power source.
Thanks to the waterproof build, newer iPhone owners have nothing to worry about when it comes to water.


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