Tim Cook Claims The Iphone SE 2020 is Faster Than The Fastest Android phone.

May 1, 2020
Iphone SE pic

Before now, people, both tech experts and consumers, where waiting patiently for the release for the affordable iphone called the 'Iphone SE 2020'. It was officially announced in April and Now Tim cook has come out to make a statement about the phone.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, had a meeting with some investors - and during this meeting, Tim made a very bold statement about the 2020 iphone SE. During the meeting he was asked a question about the phone to which he answerd by explaining that the new iphone SE would be most preferable in low-income countries because of the fact that this new iphone is a low price tag. He also said that the release of the iphone SE would push a lot of people to IOS.

During the interview he also made a statement about the performance of the phone. He said that the phone is faster than even the best and fastest Android phone on the market claiming that it is an advantage. With this statement, it shows how much Apple has proud of the Iphone SE.

Tim Cook was also asked if the low pricing of the Iphone SE means that the company has changed the overall general pricing policy. He answered saying that Apple will continue its efforts to always sell the best products at an affordable price. He said this is not only for the iPhone SE-specific, but Apple’s overall pricing policy.

With all this statements made by Tim Cook, it only shows how much the company is confident in this new Iphone SE.

[Source: 9to5mac]


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