Elon Musk not impressed with Bill Gates' desicion to buy himself a Porsche.

Elon & Gates

Following an interview where Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates revealed that he purchased a new Porsche and gave credit to Elon Musk's Tesla for pushing the car industry to go electric, Musk took a shot at the world's richest man, saying his conversations with him have been "underwhelming."

"My conversations with Gates have been underwhelming [to be honest]," Musk said in response to a tweet from a Tesla enthusiast.


During the interview with YouTube influencer Marques Brownlee, Gates, whose net worth tops $100 billion, said that Tesla had "helped drive" the car industry in its efforts to reducing emissions to curb climate change. However, he also said consumers need to overcome issues such as range anxiety and time to recharge.

Gates revealed during the interview that he recently purchased an electric Porsche Taycan, with the Turbo S model starting at $185,000. “I have to say, it’s a premium price car but it is very, very cool,” Gates added. “That’s my first electric car and I’m enjoying it a lot.”

According to a review from CarAndDriver, the Taycan Turbo S had a similar range to Tesla's Model S Performance, at 209 miles and 222 miles, respectively.

Mr Musk's remarks about Mr Gates are far from the first time he has been rude about fellow tech billionaires. He has in the past attacked Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for allegedly copying a plan to create an internet satellite, and Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg for his perceived failure to understand the danger posed by artificial intelligence.


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