Galaxy S9: How good is a 2 Year Old flagship?

March 1, 2020

With the Galaxy S20 already out, why don't we take our time to look back at one of Samsung Mobile's most important devices of recent history. So today, we are going to look at the Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S9, when it was first launched on March 16, 2018, didn't look like there was much of a change to it compared to the previouse phone, the Galaxy S8. But there was a great change in the camera department. It was a leap in camera perfomance and a very strong optimization, even for the rest of their device.

At around $300 on eBay, it is phone i would recommend for its tremendous value proposition.

Now lets dive in and see what actually makes this device a very good phone differenciating it from the current crop of flagship smartphones.

It doesn't have a punch hole


What is immediatly apparent just by looking at the phone, is that it doesn't have a notch or a punch hole thats is common on recent samsung flagships. Instead it has a chin and a very decent fore head. Although it looks a liitle bit outdated, i thinks it still looks very good especially for the fact that you have an un-interrupted display when using it. And its believed this is why Samsung continued to use the design when other phone manufacturers where using notches.

An Up-to Date Display.


In between the chin and fore head is a very up-to date display. A bright nice looking 6.2" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display, something that has not change in the past couple of years and still feels very modern. Its still a very sharp and crips display, and one who is coming from either the galaxy S20 or S10 or even the iphone 11, wont be dissapointed with the display.

It still looks and feels modern

One can look at this phone as a 2020 smart phone just because for the build quality of this phone. It still has a curved display, alluminium sides, a glass back, and it stil has multiple camera array, a USB C port and even the headphone jack 😉. And fuctionally, it is the same story; it is IP68 dust and water resistant, has USB 3.1 speeds, has a micro sd expansion, e.t.c

It now has the Android 10 Update.

The device just got the android 10 via the ONE UI 2.0 update, which makes the phone have a better perfomance compared to how it first roled out back in 2018. Along with the update comes more features in the camera app which anyone would enjoy even thouh the device doesn't have an ultra wide anagle lens camera.

The galaxly S9 Plus has really stood the test of time, and with the features of this device, it is still a fantastic smartphone in 2020.


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