Samsung asked it's Employees to damage the display of the Galaxy Z flip with their fingernails.

Febuary 3, 2020

Foldable Smartphone is now seen as the next big thing in mobile, despite the fact that some people still don't see any reason to get one. Well, that's alright, some people also had skepticism towards the first Automoblies back in the days.

At the moment, samsung is leading the current waves of foldable phones with its galaxy fold. It is a very good phone even for a first generation product even though there are some bad sides to it. Like the plastic display for instance, it can easily get scratched with your fingernails, something that many people won't be comfortable with, especially for the fact that they bought it for about $2000.

The galaxy Fold

Thankfully, in just under a year, Samsung fixed that issue. As some of you might have known, the second foldable from samsung( the galaxy z flip), will have an ultra thing glass instead of a plastic display which will of course, make the phone durable than ever.

it was learnt from Max Weinbach that Samsung informed it's employees to try and damage the Z Flip with their fingernails to see if similar dents appear like on the galxy fold. Thankfully, no dents appered.

The Ultra thing glass is strong enough to sustain the daily wear and tear which is a great thing for the Galaxy Z Flip and the future foldables to come.


Some people might be saying scratching the display of the phone doesn't make it durable. Yes, but the fact that it doesn't dent, is a very big improvement compared to the galaxy fold itself. And it shows that Samsung is really working hard on this device so has to to bring out the possible best of the foldadbes. Now Imagine how foldables phones will look like in two or more years from now. I'm preety sure they will be durable and nice looking.

Galaxy Z flip Renders:



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