Exynos 1000 May Perform 3 Times Faster Than Snapdragon 865

May 6, 2020

The Exynos 1000 is expected to be released later this year or early next year and will use a 5nm process. And it is rumored to be faster than Snapdraagon 865.

Samsung is a company that manufactures a lot of pruducts and one of them is a mobile chip called exynos. The exynos chip has always be known to be inferior to other mobile chips like snapdragon-(which is made by qualcome), well that story is about to be a different one. Samsung is working on a new processor that uses RDNA GPU technology and it said to be called the Exynos 1000.

With the Exynos 1000 using RDNA GPU, it scored almost 50% higher than the Adreno 650 GPU of the Snapdragon 865 when it was tested. This confirms the statement made by AMD President that patnering with Samsung will accelerate graphics innovation in the mobile market.

"Adoption of our Radeon Graphics technologies across the PC, game console, cloud and HPC market has grown significantly and we are thrilled to now patner with industry leader samsung to accelerate graphics innovation in the mobile market."

It is not yet known when the Exynos 1000 will be released but it is predicted to roll out with the galaxy note 20 later this year, but if thats not he case, then we should expect the chip to be released early next year.

Below is the performance of the Exynous 1000:

performance table


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