Scientis Give Warning That the sun is having a "Midlife Crisis"

May 2, 2020

The sun was just found to be behaving different from other cosimic stars that also share its properties, which leave astronomers to think that it may be in the middle of some sort of transition period.

Max Planck Institute astronomers, carried out a survey on the sun and the other 369 stars that shares it properties, and it was found that our Sun is far less active than the others. And an explanation came up that the Sun may be in the middle of a sort of “midlife crisis.”

The Quiet Sun

Over the last four years, the brightness of the Sun remained relatively constant, whereas, according to research published in the journal Science, the brightness of the other stars fluctuated wildly. It was even said that the difference between the Sun’s brightest and dimmest moments is a fifth the size of other stars.

Timo Reinhold, Max Planck Institute researcher told Inverse that they just wanted to see if our sun is a bit different from others.

“We wanted to see if the Sun is somehow different, People have claimed that it’s more quiet than other stars, while others have claimed that it’s similarly active so we wanted to really boil it down to this very solar-like sample that is very similar to the Sun.”

Life Span of the Sun

According to Dimitri Veras, who is a researcher at the University or warwick, the sun has six billion years out of its estimated nine billion years before it dies.

So right now, it is being taken into consideration that the sun is merely at a different stage of some sort of cyclic pattern than the other stars. But because it’s also halfway through its expected nine billion-year lifespan, it’s possible that our Sun is in the middle of a particularly tranquil mid-way point of its life.

Reinhold also told Inverse.

“Another explanation is the Sun is in its midlife crisis”


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