2020 sees the creation of our website. As time never ceases to stop, the world keeps addvancing in Science in Technolgy. Pando is here to help people stay up-to date on the latest advancement in technology or lastest discoveries in science.

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The website name Pando was inspired by one of the oldest living organism on earth called Pando; the trembling giant. It is a tree located in the Fishlake National forest, And is believed to be 80, 000 years old. This tree is unique because it is a forest on its own. It has an interconnected root system that makes this single organism to spread round the area. which explains it name PANDO that is Latin for "I Spread."

Our vision here at Pando is to spread across the world making name for our selves while offering you our services as an organistaion. We also hope to move to other areas of business later on as time passes by.

Please free to take a look around on the site and let us know what you think.

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